Pros And Cons Of The Cake Poker Network

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The Cake Poker Network stands apart in the world of online gambling. That's because it was created by poker players, for poker players. Established in 2004, it's an aesthetically impressive site with an average of 2000 real cash players online during peak hours. It's a more intimate community, where you can make friends and see familiar usernames on a regular basis. However, this also means that the competition is weak. This could be good for making easy money, or bad for not providing you with enough of a challenge. Here are some of the main pros and cons of using this site.

Software and Security Quality

When it comes to software, this is really where the company shines - from sharp table animations and an attractive lobby to a multitude of helpful customization options, the designers knew what they were doing. The color palette is easy on the eyes, making it less of a headache to stick around for a long time. System crashes, bugs and other malfunctions are rare at the Cake Poker Network. The security is also top-notch and designed to cut down on all illegal site usage, whether human or bot. A large section of the site is dedicated to assuring members about the strength of their security measures when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds.

Promotions Available

The special offers and promotions put forth by this company are strong. Bonuses and freerolls abound, which is surprising considering that the site is not a leader in popularity. They offer a 100% matched welcome bonus of up to $500, and also have a potentially lucrative affiliate program. However, the real strength is in the regular freeroll tournaments and races which give out hundreds of thousands of dollars in free money, handed out to the members. These are great ways to keep your time spent at the site a little more interesting and profitable.

Integrity toward Members

The ethics of this company are worth mentioning as well. They have their own dedicated network with expert staff focused on providing the best experience possible for the players. They also put a lot of recognizable effort into providing extra features and reassurance of their strong security system. A transparent environment such as this imparts a feeling of being valued to the players. Unfortunately, the customer support system is lacking. With no live chat function or 24/7 telephone number, email is the only way to get your questions answered and this may take as long as 48 hours or more. While this could stand to be improved, there are many more positive aspects of the company to be satisfied with.

Although the Cake Poker Network is inconsistent in some areas such as popularity and customer service, in terms of software, security and promotions they are one of the best currently in business. Try it for yourself today and discover whether or not their software is worth your business - you might find that the free money given out to you as a new member is worth all of the down sides.