Learn How To Make A Poker Club In A Few Easy Steps

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If you enjoy playing poker and would love to get together with friends both old and new to gamble on a regular basis, you might be inspired to learn how to make a poker club. This is a great way to bring people together around your love of the game and experience a more structured form of play. Here are a few tips on how to make a poker club successfully.

Selecting a Venue

The first thing you will need to decide is where you will meet. Many hosts decide to start things off in their own home. Eventually, you can have enough core members in your group that the host houses can be on a rotation schedule. This will require quite a bit of gear up front, as you will need a poker table, cards, chips and other accoutrements. Your local casino could also be a possibility. Call them up and ask if you can privately hire a table for a specific block of time. They are always glad to see new clients come in and may be inclined to work with you. The easiest way to get started is on the Internet in a reputable online poker room. Many players like the flexibility of this option as they can drop in and out easily as they are able.

Getting Started

As you spread the word and the club grows more and more popular, you may want to try to move on from the online gathering and put more effort into meeting in person. Choose a convenient time for the players - after work and school, and after children have gone to bed for the evening. The workplace is a great networking possibility, since you interact with each other regularly, and everyone loves to get a chance to beat the boss at the card table. Once you start gaining some momentum, you could make it even more exciting by introducing weekly and monthly competitions with prizes.

Spreading the Word

When you are ready to start inviting people, craft a professional email introducing your plans and send it out to everyone you can think of who may be interested. Provide a link to the room, if you will be starting out online. UltimateBet is a good choice since it is one of the more well-known names and runs on any operating system. It also has handy friend list and search functions, as well as the option to create a private table without playing for real money. Ask all interested parties to respond with their username after they have made an account. When you have enough names, send out an email containing the full list of usernames so that everyone can add each other to their friend lists. You will then be ready to determine a date and time to begin.

Learning how to make a poker club is simple, but the real work begins once you have everyone together in one place. If you play your cards right, you just may find this to be a fun and profitable experience that benefits everyone involved.