Nevada Online Poker Games Coming Soon

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Nevada was the first state to make online poker legal and subject to regulation, and ever since the possibility of Nevada online poker games has been hot topic news. In 2006, the federal Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act included provisions allowing states to legalize and regulate virtual play within state lines. In 2011, the Governor officially approved Bill 258, paving the way for online internet gambling establishments. Since this time, casinos have been scrambling to ensure that they can also dominate the internet business, as well as the in house market.


It is not possible for just anyone to open and run an internet gambling site in Nevada. The rules state that only gaming companies with brick and mortar businesses and hotels with no less than 200 rooms can be licensed for virtual gambling. Protections must be in place for players, including the adoption of some financial limits. Players can pre-set deposit limits and deposit amounts in order to minimize the chances of overspending. Credit cannot be extended to net based players and the house must withhold a reserve fund equal to the amount of the deposit. The casino must also provide resolution methods should disputes arise. Though the business is limited to established gaming companies, tech companies are permitted to participate if they team up with an existing and approved entity.

Expansion of Virtual Casinos

Though the 2011 law required that web based casinos reached only as far as state lines, a 2013 amendment allowed the Governor to approve of interstate compacts, allowing a reach beyond the borders. Early on, Delaware and New Jersey also passed laws allowing for legal web based gaming within their state lines, pairing up with Nevada games. Such names as MGM, Caesar's Interactive, and Boyd Gaming have received internet licenses, among many other large, recognizable companies. These companies have the financial resources available to help a roll out of a gaming program and they are the most likely providers to develop the service. The first official company to receive a license for Nevada online poker games was PokerTrip Enterprises, owner of Since then, PokerTrip has become the one-stop-shop for players, offering tips on playing, and information about land based casino resources. Because of the overlap of virtual and real gambling resources, it is likely that this group is set to offer hotel comps in order to attract in person business. The specific details of the bonuses that will be offered have not been solidified and there has been no release of a web site name to follow progress.

When will the Sites Launch?

Though the legal path has been cleared, when a Nevada online poker games site will actually be opened is unclear at this point. Though Point Poker was an early recipient of a license, their date to go live has since passed. Custom software and testing of impartiality and functionality have taken longer than anticipated, pushing the expected live date back. It has been suggested that once testing has completed and software has been contracted and tested, the possibility of having a functional site in 2014 or 2015 is likely.